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MTK Droid Tools is a lightweight and user friendly application developed by Mediatek Inc for performing various tasks on  MediaTek Android devices. It can be used to flash Android devices, root phone, backup stock ROM/firmware , create scatter file and backup or restore device IMEI. You can download mtk tools latest version 2.5.3 below and please check complete guide for mtk droid tools also. Keep in mind that MTK tools specially designed for Mediatek devices. So it might not work properly on other types of chipsets. Be aware about that rooting or flashing IMEI may be caused for terminate your device warranty. Do it at your own risk.

Here are the features of MTK Droid Tools:

1. Read phone information

With MTK Droid Tools you’ll be able to read information about your phone. These information includes: Hardware, Model,Build Number, Build Date, Android version, Baseband version, Kernel version, Uboot build version, LCD Driver IC, and IMEI.

2. Root Android Device:

As long as your device has a MediaTek chipset, you’ll be able to root it once it was read by the application.

3. Backup and Restore Recovery:

This android tool allows you to backup and restore stock recovery image of your Mediatek Android phone.

4. Backup Stock ROM/Firmware:

MTK Droid Tools allow you to backup stock ROM/firmware of any Mediatek based Android devices with ease. 

4. Create Scatter File:

A scatter file is needed to be able to load regions of a MTK based device. It helps you to flash android phone using applications such as SP Flash Tool. Make one for your device with the help of MTK Droid Tools.

5. Write IMEI:

Having troubles with your device’s IMEI? No worry, MTK Droid Tools enable you to backup and restore IMEI of MediaTek devices.

Chipsets compatible with MTK Droid Tools

It supports MT6572, MT6575, MT6577, MT6582, MT6592, MT6589T and all other modern MTK chipsets.

Quick Tips and Reminders

False Positive Malware Alert
When you download MTK Droid Tools, your browser (particularly Google Chrome) or your Antivirus might alert you of dangerous file. It’s actually a false positive alert. MTK Droid Tools is safe for both your PC and phone. Some Antivirus might automatically delete the file responsible for rooting your android device. You may need to disable your antivirus before extracting and running MTK Droid Tools if you wish to use it’s rooting feature.

MTK Droid Tools is made only for devices with MediaTek chipsets. Don’t get frustrated if yours is not a MediaTek one, there are other tools made for other chipsets.

Backup important files, as always recommended, before using this tool. 

Download MTK Droid Tools for Windows PC

MTK Droid Tools 2.2.9 Download

MTK Droid Tools 2.3.4 Download

MTK Droid Tools 2.4.0 Download

MTK Droid Tools 2.4.7 Download

MTK Droid Tools 2.4.8 Download

MTK Droid Tools 2.5.0 Download

MTK Droid Tools 2.5.1 Download

MTK Droid Tools 2.5.2 Download

MTK Droid Tools 2.5.3 Download

Credits: This tool is developed by MediaTek Inc and is available to the public for free. 

Are you looking for MTK Droid Tools tutorials? We have published guides on how to use MTK Droid Tools features. Feel free to read at them.

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