Download QPST – A Qualcomm Flash Tool (All Versions)

In this page, you can download any version of QPST Flash Tool – short for Qualcomm Product Support Tool.  We shared the latest QPST version together with the older version for you to have options in case of error when using a certain version. You can use QPST to flash Stock ROM/Firmware on Android phone and tablets running on a Qualcomm chipset/CPU.

What is QPST Flash Tool?

Qualcomm Product Support Tool abbreviated as QPST is a lightweight computer application used to fix firmware-related issues on Qualcomm Android Phones. It is developed and distributed by Qualcomm Mobility Inc. QPST is packed with features which allow any mobile developers (and even users) to flash firmware and fix errors on Qualcomm devices.

Here are the features of QPST Flash Tool

  • It is an installable application.
  • It supports Windows XP to Windows 10
  • EFS Explorer
  • PDC
  • QCN View
  • MemoryDebugApp
  • The interface is user-friendly.
  • You can monitor the status of available serial ports, active users, and clients
  • You can use QPST configuration on other QPST Clients
  • Flash MBN file. QPST allows you to flash firmware with MBN extension on Qualcomm devices.
  • You can create backup or restore NV items on your device.
  • Radio Frequency Calibration. This feature may work on  SURF and FFA devices but not on other device models.
  • It also comes with the QFIL tool which is another flash tool for Qualcomm phones and tablets.

Download QPST Flash Tool

Here are the different versions of QPST arranged from the oldest to the newest version.

QPST VersionDownload Link
QPST 2.7.104 Download
QPST 2.7.264 Download
QPST 2.7.301 Download
QPST 2.7.323 Download
QPST 2.7.363 Download
QPST 2.7.366 Download
QPST 2.7.368 Download
QPST 2.7.374 Download
QPST 2.7.378 Download
QPST 2.7.387 Download
QPST 2.7.399 Download
QPST 2.7.411 Download
QPST 2.7.415 Download
QPST 2.7.419 Download
QPST 2.7.420 Download
QPST 2.7.422 Download
QPST 2.7.423 Download
QPST 2.7.425 Download
QPST 2.7.430 Download
QPST 2.7.432 Download
QPST 2.7.437 Download
QPST 2.7.438 Download
QPST 2.7.445 Download
QPST 2.7.447 Download
QPST 2.7.453 Download
QPST 2.7.456 Download
QPST 2.7.460 Download
QPST 2.7.464 Download
QPST 2.7.472 Download
QPST 2.7.473 Download
QPST 2.7.474 Download Latest Version

Alternative Qualcomm Flash Tools

QPST is one of the best free Qualcomm flash tools available in the internet. However, there are many other alternatives that you can use in case QPST Flash Tool does not work for you.

In case this tool does not work for you, you may try any of the alternatives which we have listed below.

Here are the alternative tools for flashing firnware/Stock ROM on Qualcomm Android devices:

  • QFIL Flash Tool
  • Mi Flash Tool
  • QcomDloader Tool
  • GNQC Download Tool
  • Smart Phone Upgrade Tool
  • Qcom Phone Download Tool
  • eMMC DL Tool
  • Qualfast Tool

Disclaimer: We share tools that we believed are helpful to android phone developers and users. QPST is no exception, it is a free Qualcomm Flash tool. We do not claim any proprietary right on this application. We are not responsible for any problems that may arise when using this application. Use this tool with caution and don’t forget to backup your files.

Credit: Qualcomm Mobility Inc.

What do you think of this Qualcomm flash tool? Were you able to fix your phone problem using QPST Flash Tool?

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QPST Flash Tool

Download QPST (Qualcomm Product Support Tool).

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