[FIXED] Lenovo A660 Stuck on Logo

Are you looking for a solution on how to fix a Lenovo A660 stuck on boot logo? In this article, I’ll show you how to fix it.

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It started with a friend bringing his Lenovo A660 which serves as his backup phone. He told me that the phone just suddenly stopped working. When you power it on, it is stuck on the Lenovo logo. Initially, I told him that we can try flashing the stock ROM of the phone and see if it can fix the problem. However, just as I was about to search the internet for the phone’s firmware, he told me that sometimes the phone battery could be a factor because sometimes it suddenly drains. Fortunately, I have a battery which fits the phone and has the same power output as his’ phone battery. We tried replacing the phone’s battery and power it on again. This time, the phone booted beyond the Lenovo logo but it was stucked on the orange blinking image which in normal boot would appears before booting to the homepage.I factory reset the phone, clear cache partition, and still the problem was not fixed. So we decided to proceed on flashing the phone.

So I downloaded the Lenovo A660 Stock firmware, and other necessary file which I will share below.
I flashed the phone using SP Flash Tool v5.1708 but it keeps on having an error ‘Storage type mismatched’. After trying different configurations with no avail to fix the error. I decided to flash the phone using NCK Dongle. Unfortunately, the phone issue just got worse. It’s dead. It won’t power on.

The next step I did was to try an older version of SPFT. This time, I used SP Flash Tool v3.1220.01.
It was able to fix the error “Storage type mismatched” which we encountered earlier. The flashing go through like a breeze. Though I was able to revive the phone again, still, it stuck on the animated image that appears just after the Lenovo logo. I tried to factory reset again, but the problem persist.

I decided to try flashing a custom ROM instead. So, I have root the phone first. I downloaded a CWM custom recovery and installed om the phone using the older SPFT version I mentioned above.
After installation, I booted the phone to recovery mode. I was about to install the custom ROM and I thought to try resetting the phone again. After resetting, I powered on the phone. For some unknown reason the phone worked this time. So we didn’t proceed on installing a custom firmware.

Note: For some instances, you might encounter IMEI error. In that case, we included the SN Write Tool for you to fix this issue.

Lenovo A660 Firmware and Tools to Unbrick Phone

This package includes:
Android USB Drivers – Manual and Auto Installer
CWM Recovery for Lenovo A660
SN Write Tool
SP Flash Tool v5.1708
SP Flash Tool v3.1220.01
Firmware: Lenovo_A660_MT6577_S019_120802
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