[SOLVED] “Storage type mismatch!” SP Flash Tool Error

If you are flashing your phone with SP Flash Tool and encountered this error ‘Storage type mismatch!’, then you’ll learn how to fix it here.

Let me tell you first how I came across this SP Flash Tool error.

I downloaded a scatter-based stock ROM for my soft-bricked phone. The firmware was packaged together with Android USB Drivers and SP Flash Tool. That’s when I decided to use the SP Flash Tool that came along with the firmware. That’s where I encountered this: Storage type mismatch!”error.

After changing some options/configurations on the SP Flash with no avail to solve the problem, I decided to scour the web.

Here how to fix “Storage type mismatch!” on SP Flash Tool.

For some users running the tool as administrator fixed the problem. Just right click on the flash tool executable and run the program. However, this didn’t work for me. The solution that worked for me was to use an older version of SP Flash tool. So from SP Flash Tool v5.1708, I used SP Flash Tool v3.1220.01. If in case using an older version won’t fix the error, try using a more updated or the latest version of SP Flash Tool.

You can download the oldest and latest versions of SP flash tool on this page.

I hope you we’re able to fix this error using any of the tips I shared above. Maybe you have also a solution that is not mentioned here which fixed this “Storage type mismatch!” error on SP Flash tool. Share it on the comment section below.

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